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About the Sport Performance Centre

For the past 20 years the University of Alberta has produced the best athletic program in the country without an adequate physical training space for over 500 hundred varsity level athletes. Over the past 10 years, other academic programs have begun to play (catch up by developing unique and exclusive physical training spaces for their athletes. In addition, the past 10 years has seen the addition of the Alberta Sport Development Centre - Capital Region (ASDC-CR) and the Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre (CACC) as Faculty programs with another 1000 athletes.

In September 2012, the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta opened the doors to the Sport Performance Centre, which was designed to incorporate the Alberta model and provide a unique training facility for varsity level, provincial level, junior national level, and national level athletes. The Alberta model's intent is to incorporate academics and athletic programs into the daily life of undergraduate/graduate students whereby providing practical hands on learning experiences while developing an understanding of sport science theory.

The Sport Performance Centre is a lab for the various components of physical conditioning. It houses multiple mentor physical conditioning coaches with a variety of backgrounds who lead the physical conditioning for multiple athletes and part of their role is to mentor and supervise undergraduate/graduate students in the various aspects that are involved with the physical preparedness for high performance sport. 

Please visit the UAlberta Sport Performance page for more information on the centre.