Fitness Centre Hours

Fitness Centre Rules

Fitness Users

Youth aged 12-15 years (supervision) may access the fitness facility with adult supervision. Supervision will mean that the adult is overseeing the youth's workout and providing effective monitoring. Appropriate footware must be worn by the supervisor.

Youth aged 12-15 years  (no supervision) must attend a fitnees "Youth In Action" orientation program prior to utlizing the fitness centre. Once the orientation program is completed, sign a "contract" acknowledging understanding of the rules of the facility. To sign up for the "Get In Action" orientation program please contact our front desk staff at 780-492-1000.

Users 16+ Attendance of a fitness "Youth In Action" orientation program prior to utlizing the fitness centre is recommended. To sign up for the "Get In Action" orientation program please contact our front  desk staff at 780-492-1000.

Zero Tolerance Policy 

All rules of the fitness centre will be strickly enforced. No horseplay, roughhousing or unruly behavior will be accepted. 

Fitness Attire
The Saville Fitness Centre will be a safe and hygienic environment:

  • Users must wear appropriate workout attire (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, exercise pants)
  • No jeans or cutoffs are permitted
  • All attire must be clean and free of any profanity or offensive messaging.
  • Clean, dry, non-marking closed-toe shoes appropriate for exercise (jogging, court, aerobic) must be worn at all times. No outdoor shoes, thongs or sandals are permitted.
  • Please refrain from using perfumes/colognes and heavy scents.
  • Cellular phones should be turned off or to vibrate. Please leave the fitness area when speaking on your cellular phone.
  • No gym bags, backpacks, jackets or purses are allowed in the fitness centre. Locker rooms are available on the main floor of the facility.

Food and Drink

  • No food or drink (other than sport drinks or water) may be consumed while using the fitness centre, no glass containers please.
  • All sport drink or water containers must be made of plastic.

Equipment Usage

  • Please spray and wipe equipment after use with cleaner and towels provided.
  • People using the free weight or resistance equipment must allow others to work in.
  • Use equipment only for its intended function. Stepping on benches will not be permitted.
  • Do not wear weight belts while using benches.
  • Please return plates, bars and free weights to their proper storage place. Do not leave plates on bars when finished.

Cardiovascular Equipment Sign-Up Procedures

  • Equipment may be signed for on the white board for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • All users must sign up for cardio equipment use. Please sign you name, start and end times.
  • If you fail to sign up you may be asked to leave the equipment.