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Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling

Functional electrical Stimulation Cycling: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) uses electrical pulses to stimulate motor neurons or denervate...

Fitness Services

Check out our Personal Training and Nutrition Services to help you individualize your workouts and achieve your wellness goals.
Here at the Saville Centre we promote a healthy lifestyle through the inclusion of physical activity in everyday living. Whether its fitness classes, sports and recreation or just getting a good workout in at our fitness centre you will find there is no shortage of opportunities to get active.

The fitness centre and its staff are pleased to be able to offer the community a place to engage in an active lifestyle. Sir Isaac Newton said it best, “an object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest.” We are firm believers in the notion that life exists in a constant state of motion- so come visit us and let’s do everything we can to help that along.

Whether you are new to the gym or a veteran of working out, The Saville fitness centre is ready to serve you. Equipped with a mixture of cardio and resistance training equipment we are prepared to help you achieve your goals and progress your wellness journey.

We offer a wide variety of services which cater to every ability and fitness level. More information on these services can be found by clicking the links to the left.

Please contact us by email at or by phone at 780-492-1701 if you have any further questions.

To get a membership or day pass please visit either of our Customer Service desks at the Saville Community Sports Centre.